Un-Green Ed

John Rentoul

corn 300x139 Un Green EdWith one line in his party conference speech, Ed Miliband may have destroyed what he achieved as Energy and Climate Change Secretary:

The next Labour government will freeze gas and electricity prices until the start of 2017.

His pledge cut through the media clutter, and forced David Cameron to respond. Despite the policy’s relative unpopularity – it is supported by 38 per cent, as against 52 per cent who prefer the Government’s policy of putting everyone on the lowest tariff in a forced-choice question – the Prime Minister still feels the need to respond further.

Now Cameron has announced a review of green taxes on domestic energy, which is one of the easier and more obvious ways of making gas and electricity cheaper without defying the law of supply and demand.

If some of the taxes are scrapped, Miliband will have succeeded in setting back policies to mitigate climate change more than any recent politician, undoing the one policy in which he believed and which he delivered as Energy Secretary.

Good job.

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  • mightymark

    To “blame” Labour would indeed be unfair, but my first thought on hearing Ed’s energy pledge was that this would lead to a bidding war in which the Tories would probably propose some junking of green regulations – I don’t claim any particular prescience for that by the way – nor would I need to!. I also predicted that if any of this led to problems with the EU that would all be grist to their mill – so maybe watch that space too!

  • JohnJustice

    The logic of your argument mightymark ( and presumably JR’s) seems to be that Ed should have refrained from doing what he saw as the right thing in case Cameron might outbid him by doing the wrong thing. Twisted logic indeed which could paralyse progressive policy making if carried to its logical conclusion.

  • mightymark

    Not really – one can surely think that someone has done the right thing but that someone else may come along and trump it. That is simply what happens in politics. There is of course always the credibility factor to act as tie breaker!

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