Twenty-Nine-Point Swing Against Heaven

John Rentoul

The Ladder of Divine Ascent 228x300 Twenty Nine Point Swing Against HeavenComRes has carried out some fascinating polling for Theos, the Christian think tank, into what people believe about the supernatural:

39% believe in the soul,

32% in life after death,

30% in spirits,

26% in heaven,

25% in angels,

16% in reincarnation,

14% in the devil,

13% in hell,

13% in the power of dead ancestors,

10% in demons,

3% in jinns

A jinn, according to the Oxford dictionary, is a spirit of lower rank than an angel, in “Arab and Muslim mythology”, although I think it means “in some Muslim theology”.

Comparing these figures with a similar survey in 2008, levels of belief seem to have fallen. The figure for believing in heaven has fallen by 29 points (from 55%), in life after death by 21 points (from 53%) and in reincarnation by 11 points (from 27%).

In addition, 16% say they have experienced a miracle or know someone who has; and 5% say they have undergone healing with crystals.

ComRes did not repeat all its questions from 2008: then, 39% said they believed in ghosts and 22% in astrology or horoscopes.

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  • greggf

    Some might say it was heaven on earth during (most of) Labour’s rule, only to find purgatory when the evident mess was revealed after the Coalition took over.
    But JR doesn’t mention belief or not in purgatory so who knows where this belief might fit.
    Except that purgatory is supposed to be a transient state……?

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