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John Rentoul

Barbara Castle1 300x238 Labour History QuizWith thanks to the Labour History Group, and to David Mills, who was captain of the winning team, I reproduce the questions asked at a quiz night this week to raise money for Lucy Rigby, Labour’s candidate in Lincoln.

1. When Barbara Castle (pictured) became only the fourth ever woman Cabinet minister in 1964, what office did she hold?

2. In which street was Labour Party headquarters from 1918 to 1928?

3. Who was the first Leader of the Labour Party born after the Second World War?

4. The court victory of which railway company in 1901 provided a major boost in trade union support for to the newly-formed Labour Representation Committee?

5. It was referred to as the ‘longest suicide note in history’, but what was the actual title of Labour’s 1983 general election manifesto?

6. What is the only constituency in Wales never to have been won by Labour?

7. In which year was Labour Party annual conference last held in Blackpool?

8. Which Labour politician is mentioned by name twice in the 1945 Conservative manifesto?

9. Who is the only current Labour MP to have contested a parliamentary election against Nigel Farage?

10. In which year did Keir Hardie die?

11. Who came second to Roy Hattersley in the election for deputy leader in 1983?

12. The full lyrics of “The Red Flag” mention two cities by name – one is Moscow, what is the other?

13. Who was the first woman to chair the National Executive Committee and annual conference?

14. At which London venue was the first meeting of the National Policy Forum held in May 1993?

15. There have been six Labour MPs for Lincoln – name as many as you can.

Some of these are really hard, not least because they are not easily Googlable. I scored a miserable two and a third points out of 15 (I knew two of the six Lincoln MPs). Apparently it was low scores all round on the night. So off you go, without Googling.

Answers are here.

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