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John Rentoul

Twitter bird 300x207 Thats Entertainment This is a curious list, but I’m on it, so it must be good. It’s the PeerIndex list of the top 140 influential UK Twitter accounts. I just scrape in at number 134.

The curiosities are that I am categorised as “Entertainment/Journalism”, which I take as a Reithian compliment, and that the list says it excludes “journalists from the main national newspapers”. However, as it includes Caitlin Moran and my good colleague Owen Jones, I am cool with that too.

The top five places are taken by members of a popular musical combination known as One Direction, and many subsequent places are taken by members of their families, girlfriends and tennis partners. I know all about them, because they were the subject of an early Question To Which The Answer Is No (if you scroll down): “One Direction bigger than the Beatles?”

I’d like to thank my mum.

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  • chrishaines47

    Oh dear Johnno – my fave Twitter account did not make it. Now to business. Owen Jones is a moaning runt devoid of any insight. Wrote a book. That is it. To call him left wing is an insult, he has never been arrested as a political prisoner, was not at G8 nor even spoken out as Jody McIntyre did. Now to C Moran, she does not want anonymity for rape trial defendants and in light of Reg Traviss, Clayton McDonald and Le Vell that puts her on a collision course with Strasbourg. She wrote a book years ago et voila, made a living from Murdoch. Finally – we hear Lebedev Snr is in fiscal schtuck, does this mean Yevgeni will stop playing at English gentleman and give up on turning The Indy into a police rag?

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