“What seemed a game at the time is causing real trouble now”

John Rentoul

TheresaMay 300x187 What seemed a game at the time is causing real trouble nowI have a comment at Independent Voices on how David Cameron’s pitch for the unthinking civil liberties vote, in opposition and early on in government, has weakened laws to protect people from terrorism.

I had been swayed by the argument that he and Theresa May made this week that control orders had to be relaxed because they were being eroded by the courts. This may be true but, as Pat McFadden pointed out, this was not what May said at the time she changed the law.

John McTernan makes a similar point in his article for The Scotsman:

What seemed a game at the time is causing real trouble now.

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  • mightymark

    Don’t be so hard on yourself – as I have said you have actually moved twice in one week on arguments so not a bad record at all! I do however see what you mean by the “stuck idea”. With “window dressing” it seems so stuck that it is like a totem and you can’t even explain it. (I honestly don’t know what you man by the expression by the way – it isn’t naivety – promise).

    Anyway Paci – you don’t mind me calling you that I hope? – I reckon everyone gave up on us long ago and (adopts US Western Film accent)

    “Its jus’ you an me in the ole “JR Saloon” here now. See yer five and raise yer five.”

  • Pacificweather

    Is there any point Mighty, old man, when you tell me I have moved and I tell you I haven’t. We have to start from the position I know my own mind or you have senile dementia. We need to decide which it is before proceding. You don’t undestand colloquial English which I find hard to believe unless you really are naive and literal minded. Perhaps it really is senile dementia and you have just forgotten. I can’t tell, nobody tells me anything.

    We have already established we have incompatible world views. I have expanded on mine but, other than an interest in transport safety you haven’t given me a glimpse of yours. In the 1930’s film style, you say tomato and I say tomato. Let’s call the whole thing off.

    BTW, window dressing means done for effect. Are you any the wiser? As it is coming up to Christmas I will buy you a dictionary or Idiomatic English for Beginners, colloquial forms for novices.

  • mightymark

    Since I don’t want to drive you to any kind of dementia (i’m sure you are a nice man really and kind to children and animals) and it seems from your last post that that may be what I may be doing – OK

    “you say potato and I say potato”.

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