The top five places to bring up a family

Alex Johnson

f19e98afe2ce1570a1d082d39479cfe92a481f20 300x199 The top five places to bring up a familyBingham (NG13) in Nottinghamshire tops the list of the best places in England and Wales to bring up a family, according to Family Investments who used various factors such as property affordability, exam results,  and local child-friendly faciities to come to their conclusions. The top five were:

1 – Bingham, Nottinghamshire
2 – Crowthorne, Berkshire
3 – Winscombe, Somerset
4 – Colyton, Devon
5 – Oakham, Rutland

There’s also an online tool at Family Investments website so you can see to analyse how own postcode fares against the top scorers at

Kate Moore, Head of Savings and Investments at Family Investments said: “One of the most noticeable trends in this year’s report was the increased number of locations in the Midlands and Northern England compared to last year. This largely reflects the shift in house price trends over the past year resulting in increased affordability of property outside of the South of of England. Lancashire for example scored well in this year’s report with three of the top 20 postcodes located in the county.”

More than a third of landlords struggle to pay their bills when tenants miss payments
A survey of landlords and tenants commissioned by the National Landlords Association (NLA) suggests that 40% of landlords earn little more than enough to break even each month. The survey also revealed that one in three tenants believe that their landlord was more interested in their earnings than anything else.

The NLA is urging landlords and tenants to build better relationships to minimise the risk of disputes, missed rent payments and unplanned voids.

Carolyn Uphill, Chairman of the NLA, said: “Landlords operate within a business environment and it’s essential that they budget accordingly. We recommend budgeting for 10 months’ rent in any 12 month period to allow for missed rental payments and voids. It’s also essential that landlords carry out checks on potential tenants to minimise their risk of non-payment.

“However, there are instances when tenants are unable to meet their rental commitment, circumstances change and finances take a turn for the worse. In these situations, landlords should be sympathetic to their tenants’ needs. Part of this involves investing in good relationships with their tenants so that they are able to be open about any financial difficulties or future plans. If the landlord knows what’s happening, they can work with the situation. Being a successful landlord requires effective communication, which in turn can help to reduce missed payments and voids that can have severe financial implications for many.”

Ski home prices
According to Knight Frank’s Prime Ski Property Index, the average price of ski homes around the world rose by 4.6% in the 12 months to July 2013. Ski homes in South Lake Tahoe, USA, and Queenstown, New Zealand, showed the strongest price growth, rising on average by 21% and 18% respectively. In Europe, the Swiss resorts of Zermatt and Davos were up 14% and by 10%, followed by Morzine (8.5%) and Chamonix (8%). Aspen and Whistler were the best performing North American destinations.

Property market confidence
New research from Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks indicates that almost half (48%) of those surveyed as part of its Housebuyers Research believe that the value of their home will increase over the next 12 months, a marked increase from 25% six months ago and 18% in April 2012.

London, as always in these sentiment surveys, is the most optimistic region with 63% of people predicting an increase in house price, although in the East, 50% of homeowners now predict an increase in the value of their home compared to 14% in April 2013. Those in Scotland are the least optimistic, with 35% of those surveyed said they were expecting prices to go up in the next 12 months.

Pictured above is a 3 bedroom detached house for sale in Catmose Street, Oakham, Rutland LE15, on with Spencers for £300,000

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