What, then, did John Major do about private schools?

John Rentoul

I have a comment at Independent Voices about Sir John Major’s unconvincing assault on Labour’s record on schools reform.

As Tom Freeman says, “I notice that John Major has become a much better Prime Minister since he stopped being Prime Minister.”

johnmajor 300x281 What, then, did John Major do about private schools?

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  • chrishaines47

    Yes, indeed, no wars in Iraq, no 3500+ new “laws”, no abolishing right to trial or silence.

  • mightymark

    Major is talking nonsense and hypocritical nonsense at that.

  • Pacificweather

    Why would it not be an unconvincing assault on Labour? It was aimed at the present coalition. Private school alumni dominate politics because most people have to work for a living or don’t want to spend their lives kicking lazy or corrupt civil servants. Unless you make it to Prime Minister the kick backs aren’t worth the candle. Better to get a proper job. Trust Fund Charlie’s can take a different approach to life.

    Does that sound bitter? I must make an appointment with my analyst.

  • greggf

    Well whatever the facts, and I know a little about teaching in both state and private schools, Major’s claims have certainly galvanized some unusually bold opinions from yourself JR……!

    Actually it may not be so much about the schools as what they teach.
    A re-balancing of education between numeracy and literacy might not be understood that it should suit the nation better, in a media dominated by literates! Since the present system emphasizes literate studies – because they’re patronizingly perceived to be the qualities best needed to lead the rest of the masses – it has demonstrably become a positive feedback…..!

    Imagine having a PM and ministers who could independently assess the Green’s hubris, obfuscation, and plain charlatanry, who could hold an argument about the merits of renewable energies versus their backup, or who didn’t need “scientific advice”.

    A baccalaureate system of education may be the answer, although since it was not invented here it might be a long time coming….!

  • Pacificweather

    With respect to the Labour party or the dominance of private-school educated elite in “upper echelons” of British public life?

  • Pacificweather

    Mr Gove got a bit of a kicking when he used the baccalaureate word and it didn’t last long in the ideas box. JR struggles with simple arithmetic which supports your case. Mr Blair could count to 45.

  • mightymark

    The former.

  • JohnJustice

    Nice to see you back on centre-left ground JR. Excellent article.

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