Interview: Lunar C releases new EP, a song with James Arthur and peaks the iTunes chart

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lunar c 300x225 Interview: Lunar C releases new EP, a song with James Arthur and peaks the iTunes chartWorking his way up through the years, Bradford-born Lunar C has made quite the impact in the music scene.

Making a name for himself firstly on the UK rap battle league ‘Don’t Flop’, now Lunar C is showing how much potential he has with the release of his EP, Good Times and Dead Brain Cells. He has had some major achievements, peaking at #2 on the iTunes chart and already releasing a song with the incredible James Arthur. Lunar C seems to be off to an amazing start.

I sat down with the Bradford artist to get some insight into his love for music, the transition he has made from freestyling and being a supporting act for Eminem.

Being the Supporting act for Eminem at Reading & Leeds Festival is a big deal, how did that come about?

My manager sorted it out. To be honest it’s not an interesting story, it just came about when I first started with my live agent and my manager. They asked me if I had one gig, what would I most like to do? That was always the one Leeds festival. Before I even started doing shows I always wanted to play at Leeds fest.

Did it help that you were the opening act for Eminem?

Yeah, it was sick because we did Reading festival the day before and that was crazy – a mad big crowd. Then Leeds the day after it was like twice as big so it was a good experience.

Does that pump you up a bit more?

Yeah definitely, before I went on stage they were shouting my name; I was stood back stage thinking this is surreal. I had the mic backstage, I went ‘boah!’ and everyone went crazy. I got a bit nervous but it was cool, definitely exciting.

What’s the difference between a crowd when you’re battling to when you’re on stage performing? Is it a different type of energy?

Yeah, well with battling you kind of have to keep the momentum with the reactions and stuff, you can’t have too much of a space. I’d never leave a big space between where there would be a reaction. I try and always make sure I’ve got a big bar to keep the momentum going, also with my battling I was a lot more comedy driven, I was always trying to make them laugh and I don’t really do that as much with music. It’s hard to make a crowd of people laugh when you’re rapping over music. Obviously there’s a bit of humour in the music when you listen to the CD or whatever, but it’s definitely a different crowd control.

Like battling you’re quite unfiltered in tweets and your posts on Instagram. Has there ever been a point when you thought “I shouldn’t have done that”?

Yeah, I put a picture of a transsexual on Facebook the other day with hairy boobs and I got banned for three days, so that made me think. You have to be careful to crop the pictures very smartly, you have to cut the right bits out.

How did the track ‘Back on the Step’ ft Mic righteous and Scrufizzer come together?

Well I’d already worked with Mic [Mic Righteous] so he was already waiting for me to send him something because he sent me the original track ‘TDRK’ I did with him and that did pretty well. It got on MTV Base and Channel AKA and got on the radio so we were always going to do another collaboration. Me and my boy Hashfinger; who made the beat, have been working together since I was like 16. We originally started ‘Back on the step’ as a solo track just for my EP but I did a verse and a hook and I thought this needs somebody else on it. I just thought Mic and Scru [Scrufiizzer] would complement it well and they both smashed it.

When you’re in the studio do you aim to make a banger or do you just think I’m going to make what I want and if people happen to like it – great?

It all depends on the beat, whatever the beat says to me, but a lot of the time I get a beat and I’ll write to it at home and then I’ll come in because it gives me a bit more time and a lot more space to think. Recently when I’ve been going studio with Raph Riley we’ve made ‘Free Weed For Single Mother’s and we’ve done a remix of James Arthur’s new single. We just go in start from scratch and build it up from the beat, the hook and the verses. When I do that I usually go for a banger because that’s the energy in the studio. It’s a lot easier to get hyped to off of something like that and do something on the spot. If it’s something deep or conscious I’ll probably sit and think about it a bit more at home.

The new EP ‘Good Times and Dead Brain Cells’ is out now. Do you think this EP shows your development as an artist from your last one ‘Sewer Side Sex?’

Yeah definitely, if you liked my last one there’s no way you won’t like this one, if you didn’t like my last one you’ll still like this one. Compared to this stuff I don’t even rate my old music. I’m a fan of this EP I genuinely would listen to it if it was somebody else, that’s not me sucking myself off, I rate it.

Does concentrating on music take away your time to freestyle?

Yeah you still have to make time for those things because I don’t think there will ever be a time where I didn’t want to do a F64 and prove that I can still rap because that’s what that’s it’s all about. That’s my main thing; I want to be one of the best rappers and the most lyrical dude on the scene. F64’s and Fire In The Booth’s need to happen just to prove it because people can have different opinions about tracks and different tastes but when it comes to bars in front of a camera you just have to be good. That’s it; there ain’t no hiding behind a beat or a chorus or anything, that’s what I like about them platforms man. I think I’ll always do that.

You’ve had some amazing collaborations already, is there anyone else from the UK you would like to work with in the future?

Yeah from the UK I like Naughty Boy, Naughty is sick. As for singers…Adele, I don’t know where I’ve pulled that out from but yeah that would be sick! Rudimental are amazing too.

How did the collaboration with James Arthur come about? I heard him bigging you up on the radio?

I started talking to him when I saw him posting my music on twitter. He’s a cool guy and we are working on a couple things!! Was great of him to big me up on radio too, pretty surreal hearing that song out of all of mine on a show like that!

Your timeline was going crazy after fans heard ‘Buzz’ another song from the EP on Charlie sloths show, did you expect it to be such a big hit with your fans?

No! That’s Charlie Sloths fault, Charlie Sloth always does that, he’s the king of hype. That’s probably the most hyped track on the EP so it was kind of gonna have that effect. People are either gonna hate it because they don’t like that type of music but people who do like hype music and go raving and listen to that kind of music they are gonna love that track. So I knew it would have that kind of reaction with the people who heard it. I didn’t think it would have such a hype on radio and stuff because nothing I made for the EP was for radio. I always hoped that something would make it to radio but I never expected that. I’ve had four of the tracks on radio already which was totally unexpected man.
You peaked at #2 in the iTunes chart. Were you shocked by the success of the EP?

Yes I was very shocked. I never expected it to do that well without a label behind me to be honest! Thanks to all my old and new fans who support it and for everyone on radio who helped push it and has supported me, I’m excited to make my album and take it to the next level!

I’ve heard you have a tour coming up. Are you excited? Where will you be hitting?

I’m just waiting to get the dates right now but I want to hit everywhere, I will be doing a lot more shows down south in the upcoming months too which is exciting. Most of my shows have naturally been up north and I’m still here but I want to be everywhere! Come and see me!!!

Find Lunar C song with James Arthur HERE.

Click HERE to watch Lunar C’s video Buzz.

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