Is Theresa May Turning Into Cara Delevingne?

John Rentoul

theresa Is Theresa May Turning Into Cara Delevingne?Theresa May did actually say it. She said, at the Spectator Parliament- arian of the Year Awards where she won Politician of the Year, that this headline in the Daily Mail on 7 November was something that “has to be filed by John Rentoul as a Question To Which The Answer Is No“.

That is something like number 1,005 in my series, but I’ve lost count.

The book is here.

I’m afraid my question was: Who is Cara Delevingne?

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  • chrishaines47

    No. Delavigne quite popular with police.

  • TimHedges

    My question is how did she get her name? Delevingne would be pronounceable without either of the ‘n’s, but not with both.

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