Iraq Inquiry Coverage Rebuttal Service, resumed

John Rentoul

ind14 228x300 Iraq Inquiry Coverage Rebuttal Service, resumedI have a comment at Independent Voices responding to today’s front-page lead story in The Independent, which looks good, by the way.

Once again I gently remind people that Tony Blair could not have “committed” the UK to military action before the decision of the Cabinet and the vote in Parliament. Nor was his support for the use of force if necessary a secret.

And nor, to rebut a second story in The Independent, did he withhold information from a Cabinet that would otherwise have failed to support him.

The great wave of secondary recycling of antiwar myth has already started, with Iraq Inquiry Digest – describing the BBC as “an organ of the state” – heading the first instalment with a Question To Which For Far Too Many People The Answer Is Always Yes: “Is the US to blame?”

Time to get out the old logo again.

 Iraq Inquiry Coverage Rebuttal Service, resumed

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  • aardvark10

    Forget a rebuttal service, forget Chilcott, forget everything.

    Just log on to Youtube and search for

    “Blair Lies About Iraq’s WMDs”

    and watch the clip of Blair’s statement to Parliament lasting less than 30 seconds. In that time, he manages to make 5 claims, none of which were true. How anyone can defend Blair after watching this is quite beyond my comprehension.

  • aardvark10

    Oh no! I don’t believe it. JJ complaining to the BBC AGAIN!!

    For goodness sake, get a life! You really are a sad person.

  • Pacificweather

    John, you wrote, “The curious thing about this story is the other way round: why does Sir John think that constitutional convention should be breached to allow the publication of documents that he and his panel have already seen?”

    Obviously, he thinks that because he has read them and believes that his report would not fairly represent the truth to the public without them.  The curious thing about this story is why would the two leaders of “democratic” counties want to hide them from their electorates ten years after the event.  
    When he announced in the House of Commons the setting-up of the Inquiry, Gordon Brown said, “Its scope is unprecedented.”  If it is truly unprecedented, then publishing the notes of the leaders’ conversations must be included.

  • mightymark

    …………all of which takes us into areas of such obscurity as to lead one to ask why someone would query the use of a word with a quite ordinary everyday meaning such as would permit its use wholly unmediated by this type of academicism.

  • JohnJustice

    Forget anything posted by aardvark.

    He never misses an opportunity to miss the point.

    Blair was reporting on the findings of his intelligence chiefs.

    A mistake is not a lie.

    As Lord Butler pointed out in that interview I referred to in my previous comment “However it was honest mistake which was made by most intelligence agencies around the world”.

    My thanks nevertheless to aardvark for giving me this opportunity to rebut that particular Youtube clip.

  • aardvark10

    Incorrect. Blair was reporting on his and Campbell’s interpretation of the report. In any event, 5 huge errors (or distortions) in under 30 seconds must be some sort of record.

  • porkfright

    Because I can.

  • porkfright

    The taxpayers have paid for this report of Chilcot. They should see it. Very soon and unadulterated.

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