The Age of Teaspoon

John Rentoul

photo 8 e1386683665811 290x300 The Age of TeaspoonHow predictive text rewrote the history of these islands from the Pearly Buttons (Early Britons) to the Age of Teaspoon (Age of Reason). My friend Hugh Kellett has produced a book called Glitzch using the predictive text function on his Android smartphone.

In it, he promises to “tell the tripe, the wholehearted tripe and nothing but the tripe, so hello my god”.

According to the gremlin in his phone, the leaders of the main parties are Avid Cameo, Nuclear Clever, Educational Militant and Novel Damage. Mr Damage’s party comes out as the Ukrainian Indecent Party. Then there is the Skittish Naturist Party and Plain Cynthia.

It is a bit childish and very silly, which is of course the highest compliment.

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  • Ciaron Goggins

    Very silly? Rather like ZaNuLabour’s “human rights” policy?

  • Simon Delancey

    Not to mention their Civil Rights policy!

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