Tapesh & Maximiljan look back on 2013

Marcus Barnes

artworks 000028229245 zo8cjo t500x500 300x300 Tapesh & Maximiljan look back on 2013Tapesh and Maximiljan are a pair of DJs from Germany who have combined their talents on a series of EPs over the last year or so, finding favour with labels such as Leena Music, Noir Music, Area Remote and Mobilee. As the end of the year approaches, I dropped them both a line to get a brief overview of their highlights from the past 11 months.


Maximiljan: Well January started quite exciting for me as I played my first time in Lisbon. Everybody knows about the beauty of the city I think, but I was very amazed at how open-hearted the people are.

Furthermore I played a rave-like party in an empty warehouse in Alkmaar. That really had a special atmosphere. It was damn cold, but I didn’t even feel it until I was finished with my set.

Tapesh: I’ve been to a little tour in Egypt for the very first time. Not only the parties were fun, but I really enjoyed seeing the landscapes and the culture.


T: My outstanding experience in February was a gig at the Lightbox in London. That one was simply off the hook!

M: One of my most important releases so far came out this month. ‘My Different Story’ EP on Liebe*Detail. It’s still one of my favourites.


T: In March I was on a big tour for three weeks all through Brazil. There were so many different experiences, but one highlight was certainly playing Warung, which is deservedly considered as one of the best clubs in the world.

M: I remember Dennis Ferrer opened one of his sets at WMC in Miami with my track ‘Little Something’. That was a pretty important moment for me as I have been a fan of his for a long time. It felt kind of like a knightly accolade.


M: Our ‘Feelings’ EP on Anja Schneider’s Leena Music saw the light of day. That was our second release on Leena and an important one.

T: Yeah, it got picked up by lots of great artists. Later in the year Mathias Kaden used a track from it for his Watergate compilation.
Another highlight I must mention is playing at Weekend Club in Berlin, which was a night to remember.


T: I played my first festival of the year at the Sidings warehouse London.

M: I played in Zürich for the Unite Family. A crew of three half Italian, half Swiss brothers. That was a really cool experience all round as we had an outstandingly good dinner at their place/office/studio/flat, which one of the brothers made himself. Lots of friends came round and I remember the vibe had something ‘Christmassy’ about it. Later we all headed to the club together and had a great time.

T: And we released our Saucy Bit EP on Area Remote.


M: In June we were a bit unlucky. We were both supposed to play an Off Sonar gig, but my flight from Amsterdam got cancelled due to a strike in France. I was really mad that day…

T: Yes, that was horrible. My flight was okay, but I had some gigs in Russia the following few days and I hadn’t received my visa yet. I really needed it that very day to do the gigs in Russia. So I had to go to Berlin to get an express visa for Russia and due to that I also missed out on Barcelona. But, a few weeks later I played at Ushuaia Ibiza for the ANTS opening party. That kind of made up for the Barcelona mishap.


T: In July my outstanding experience was a night at Toffler, Rotterdam. One of my favourite Clubs in the Netherlands.

M: For me it was A Day At The Park in Amsterdam. I played on a stage with people like Josh Wink, Rodriguez Jr, Silicone Soul and more. The weather was perfect and the whole production of the event was just great.


M: I think we both feel the same about August. We played Strafwerk Festival in Amsterdam back-to-back. That was a big one.

T: Yes that was an amazing day. The people even did a little sit-down action for us. Plus it’s always fun for us to play together.


T: I played at Sankeys, Ibiza. That was simply a great vibe with crazy people. I loved that.

M: I really enjoyed a cosy gig in Groningen’s Pand48. It’s a small place which is always fun to play at.


T: My highlight was playing at Dubfire and Warung’s club night at Studio 80 Warehouse at ADE.

M: Yes that was a good night, maybe too good. After joining Tapesh for that night I was sick for the next days and missed the rest of this year’s ADE. A real bummer. But my single on Mousse T’s Peppermint Jam imprint finally saw the light of day. It features gospel legend Bessie Jones. It took us almost two years to clear the vocal, but in the end it was worth it. I was really happy it was finally released.


M: I played a gig in Czech Republic in Brno. This was quite special for me since two of my relatives were born there and I haven’t seen the city before. So that was a great experience. Furthermore our Virtues EP was released on Mobilee.

T: Yes that’s probably our biggest collaboration to date. After two releases on Mobilee’s sub-label Leena, we eventually made it onto Mobilee itself.

M: Yeah, we’re vry proud to be a part of this great imprint.


M: In December I’ll play in my hometown Düsseldorf for my old residency RedRoom. That’s always something special, as you pretty much know everyone. It’s a real homecoming. Also my next Solo EP on French label Time Has Changed will be released late December or early January. Besides that I’m looking forward to seeing my family during the Christmas period.

T: My remix for our friend Sidney Charles will be released digitally and on vinyl. Looking forward to that one. And of course I look forward to spending Christmas with my wife and the kids.

Check out Tapesh & Maximiljan’s new EP on Mobilee here.

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