The Children’s Book Blog Christmas Countdown: Parker Penguin ‘Rounds’ app by Nosy Crow

Rebecca Davies

14 Parker Penguin 300x300 The Children’s Book Blog Christmas Countdown: Parker Penguin ‘Rounds’ app by Nosy CrowFor December I’ve decided to turn the children’s book blog into a sort of literary advent calendar. Every day of the month I’ll be posting a short recommendation of a wintry or Christmassy children’s book to warm your cockles or, in some cases, chill the blood. There’ll be something for readers of all ages, from picture books all the way up to YA. My choice for December 14th is Nosy Crow’s’ Rounds: Parker Penguinapp.

I thought it only proper to include at least one storytelling app in my Christmas countdown, and this one from indie publishers Nosy Crow is one of the snowiest I could lay my hands on – and one of the most fun, too.

Part of their ‘Rounds’ series, it tells the life story of a penguin called Parker. Throughout the course of his journey from chick to adult, you can help Parker learn to slide across the ice, catch fish underwater, find a mate, shelter from the harsh Antarctic weather and hatch his baby son, Percy… who then begins the cycle all over again.

It’s aimed at children aged three to six, who will love the adorable animated penguins and interactive elements while simultaneously absorbing all sorts of information about the ecology of Antarctica. You can play it on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, and there’s a similar app detailing the life cycle of ‘Franklin Frog’ for when you’ve made it through the various generations of penguin – so far my Parker has become a great grandfather.

Check back tomorrow to see which book is lurking behind the ‘calendar door’ for December 15th and catch up on my previous recommendations here

Rebecca Davies is a journalist and children’s author. She is currently working on a Young Adult fantasy novel set in Hackney. You can follow her on Twitter as @TheStoryMonster

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