Dish of the Day: The Reluctant Vegetarian’s recipe for Leek & Spinach Ricotta Wellington

Anna Barnett

IMG 5494 262x300 Dish of the Day: The Reluctant Vegetarians recipe for Leek & Spinach Ricotta WellingtonIt’s got to that time of year where no one wants to be missing out on a hearty meal, least of all the vegetarians (so I’m told). This dish is the perfect accompaniment to all the trimmings that go with a roast dinner or Christmas lunch. I’ve served this up with crunchy baked potatoes and cheesy baked greens, topped with an onion and red wine gravy for a bit of a variation on your regular Sunday lunch.

This has to be one of my favourites and I can honestly say there have been occasions where I’ve opted for this over meat with my roast. If by chance you’re less into the indulgent sides that accompany this dish then opt for a fresh crisp salad; you’ll be just as satisfied.

Leek & Spinach Ricotta Wellington

Cooking/Preparation Time – 25 mins

Feeds – 6-8


300g of Ricotta

1 x Large Leek – Cut into quarters and finely sliced lengthways

1/4 x Freshly grated nutmeg

1 x Large sprinkle of rock salt

1 x Large sprinkle of white pepper

1/2 x Zest of a lemon

Glug of rapeseed oil

500g of Fresh spinach – Thoroughly washed and wilted on a low heat

1 x Pre-rolled shortcrust pastry – Rolled out to around 35cm x 35cm (make sure it fits on your baking tray)

1 x Egg yolk – whisk and use to glaze pastry

IMG 5501 262x300 Dish of the Day: The Reluctant Vegetarians recipe for Leek & Spinach Ricotta WellingtonInstructions:

Start by pre-heating your oven to around 190 degrees Celsius then begin wilting your spinach. Add a glug of rapeseed oil along with the chopped leek allow this to cook for a few minutes. Mix in the salt, pepper, lemon zest, nutmeg and ricotta.

Once your filling is ready (have a taste and check it) roll your pastry out. If it’s pre-rolled you shouldn’t have to roll it too much more. Place the ricotta mix in a strip along the middle of the pastry ensuring that you have enough pastry to meet and overlap slightly.

If your tray isn’t non-stick use grease proof paper. Where the pastry meets will be the bottom of the wellington, so place this side onto the baking tray.

Whisk an egg and using a pastry brush cover the pastry with the egg wash. If you’re feeling fancy take a knife and very gently score the pastry on the diagonal before baking for around 15-20mins or until golden.

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