Get me ravening dogs

John Rentoul

Desportes wolf 289x300 Get me ravening dogsDavid Aaronovitch didn’t believe the report that Kim Jong Un had had his uncle fed to 120 ravening dogs:

“Go get me ravening dogs!” “How many, comrade?” “Let me see,” (ponders) “120 should do it.” “How ravening?” “Not so ravening that they eat each other, but just ravening enough to eat the Dear Leader’s undear uncle!” “Very well. And when I’ve found them, where shall I keep them?” “Is there no ravening-dog enclosure?” “No, this is something of a first for us.” (Menacingly) “I’m sure you’ll find a way, comrade.”

Times (pay wall).

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  • Ciaron Goggins

    Two points raised here – first is that this tale is now uncovered as a spoof from China and second, if Koreans eat dogs – and dogs eat Kim’s uncle – isn’t this some type of cannibalism?

  • Pacificweather

    Or poetic justice.

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