Friday Book Design Blog: The Academy of British Cover Design is looking for the best British covers of 2013

Jonathan Gibbs

abcd logo 256x300 Friday Book Design Blog: The Academy of British Cover Design is looking for the best British covers of 2013This blog being obviously all about great book cover design, how could I not give a shout out to this new award, inaugurated this year, for the best in British book cover design?@

The nattily named Academy of British Cover Design are looking for nominations for the best covers for books published during 2013 by British designers – meaning they can be for homegrown or foreign publishers, either will do, and ebooks are admissable too.

Prizes will be awarded in ten categories – Children’s; Young Adult; SciFi/Fantasy; Mass Market; Literary Fiction; Crime/Thriller; Non-fiction; Series Design; Classic/Reissue; Women’s Fiction – some of which are bound to cause consternation in the authors whose books end up bracketed in them, but hey! it’s not about the authors here. It’s about the poor designers, so overlooked in general, apart from on blogs like this.

(I’m also slightly uncertain about the role of illustrators and photographers here – a great illustration or photograph commissioned by a designer: who gets the prize in that instance?)

Although shortlisting will be undertaken by a panel of designers from the Academy (see here for list), submissions are welcomed from members of the public – the form is on the Academy website here. So I’ll certainly be putting in a few suggestions before the closing date of 31st January, and I suggest you do, too.

The final prizes will be voted on and awarded at an event in March, which I hope to report back on for this blog. In the meantime, scan your shelves, scan this blog, and scan your handiest bookshop, online or brick, for the best covers from the last year. You’ll need to upload an image, so an online search will probably be called for – then it’s just a case of tracking down the name of the designer. Hint: It will most likely be printed in the tiniest possible type somewhere down below the barcode – right, designers?

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