How many Tory MPs really want to leave the EU?

John Rentoul

leadsom 237x300 How many Tory MPs really want to leave the EU?I do not believe that there are as many as 95 Conservative MPs who really want to leave the EU, but I have taken the dunderheadedness that gives the opposite impression as the subject of my column in The Independent today.

There may be about 20 Tory MPs who have publicly said that they think Britain should withdraw from the EU, and there may be as many again who secretly agree but don’t say so because it would be a bar to promotion. But there are many, many more who don’t like the EU much and who are reckless about threatening to leave as a way of getting the (unspecified) changes that David Cameron says he wants.

But then here comes Andrea Leadsom (pictured) to prove that some Eurosceptic Tory MPs have absolutely no idea about anything. Her argument is that voting for Britain to come out of the EU in the referendum in 2017 will help Britain to stay in the EU:

If Britain votes to leave the EU, we haven’t left: we start negotiations. That set of negotiations to leave may even be more fruitful than the negotiations before the referendum.

At this point, I shall just leave them to it.

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  • pobinr

    The EU is a monster rather like the old Soviet Union. The more democracy it dismatles the more it can justify its existence & expand & grow & feed itself. It’s a visious circle.

  • greggf

    ……epitomising the bloated self serving undemocratic quangocracy, otherwise known as the EU, that’s balooned completely out of control….

    Perhaps “Parasite” is the word you are looking for pobinr……

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