Russell Brand Comes Out for Miliband

John Rentoul

russell 300x211 Russell Brand Comes Out for MilibandRussell Brand was doing his anti-politics thing on Jonathan Ross’s show on Saturday (about nine minutes in). “We are not properly represented,” he said.

“Something’s gone wrong” if David Cameron and George Osborne are in charge, he said. They look “porcine and bloated” and remind him of the pigs in Animal Farm.

What about the others? asked Ross.

Brand dismissed Nick Clegg as Mickey Mouse, and went on: “Miliband? At least he looks like inside him he does care about other humans.”

This must have been a disappointment to his fans who hailed his refusal to vote as making him a cross between Gandhi and Guevara.

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  • porkfright

    “We are not properly represented.” Quite so. Still, at any rate-the Toffs are very well represented indeed.

  • Ciaron Goggins

    The whole point is that Mr Bramd does NOT dismiss politics, he dismisses the three shades of blue on offer. As with UKIP your whining and mocking are ineffectual against Russell. If he ran for Westminster he would gain a landslide. Miliband is merely Blair Lite (TM), Clegg props up a police state. We owe a debt of gratitude to The Met for saving us from an unarmed Brazilian electrician

  • aardvark10

    Why this obnoxious specimen is given any air time at all I do not know. His disgusting personal habits and the way he looks presumably give him licence to comment on the appearance of others. He is a complete nobody with a very exaggerated idea of his own importance.

  • greggf

    Yes aardvark, I agree, Jonathan Ross is just another overpaid BBC hack.
    Now the other chap who refuses to vote is harmless!

  • Ciaron Goggins

    “Bob” asked “If it is a police state why aren’t you arrested?”. I lived abroad and have done so for years. See what I did there, constable?

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