A cow’s life doesn’t have to end on a dinner plate

Emma Gritt

cow A cows life doesnt have to end on a dinner plateDEFRA figures state that in October, 158,000 cows were slaughtered in Britain. Let’s not pretend their end was anything but grisly, terrifying and miserable – but things don’t have to be this way.

While the majority of cows end up in a burger or a can of dog food, ultimately  a cow’s life doesn’t have to end queued up outside an abattoir with nothing but frightened lowing from their lorry-mates and terrified screams from the animals a few paces ahead – as a group of kindhearted Germans have proved.

When they found out that a local farmer was sending his herd of 24 older cows to slaughter, they helped club together enough money so that the animals could live the rest of their natural lives in pasture.

The cows are supported by donations and sponsorship of just a few euros a month, with no one being more thankful for the herd’s reprieve than the farmer’s young son, Jan Muller, who has a deep fondness for the gentle and intelligent beasts.

This video shows the cows’ reaction to going out for the first time after a long winter in the cow shed and is incredibly moving.

The happy ending of these cows undeniably brings tears of joy – does it make you wish for better for Britain’s bovines?

More information on how to sponsor one of the German cows can be found at the Kuhrettung website.

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  • Marcus William Hunt

    Ageing dairy cows and laying hens suffer these ailments because they have been bred to maximise their productive capacity without any regard to their well being – they are abominations plagued with metabolic diseases from centuries of selective breeding. Perhaps if we appreciated that animals are not automatons, but living beings with the capacity to suffer, we wouldn’t treat them as we do. But then, you know, concern for the welfare of those we can easily abuse without consequence – that’s just slushy nonsense, right?

    The meat does not have to come from anywhere, both human beings and dogs are omnivores and can survive very well without flesh. In fact meat eating causes heart disease, high cholesterol, and various cancers of the digestive system. Vegetarians and vegans live considerably longer than carnivores, and with better health.

  • Lumukanda

    Schopenhauer believed in re-incarnation and that if we were cruel to animals we would come back as that animal. He was an interesting philosopher, but I wouldn’t set much store by him.

  • Marcus William Hunt

    Well, regardless of who makes the point, the point stands or falls on its own merits. What else can be said about those who slaughter and torture the innocent? They even have the indecency to call themselves Christians.

    It would be a slight simplification to say he believed in re-incarnation, but that’s neither here nor there.

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