Dish of the Day: Celebrities and restaurants

Dan Doherty

5509138001 293ca83c78 b Dish of the Day: Celebrities and restaurantsFollowing on from the article in the Evening Standard talking about how “London’s ‘new top tables’ are pulling in international A-list crowd”, I received lots of questions as to who, what, where, when and why.  Plenty of chefs and restaurateurs came out to say they don’t treat celebrities any different, which is fair enough, we don’t particularly either, but one mustn’t be ignorant to the effect it can have on ones business if somebody with the influence some of them have, speak about your business in a positive light (or negative, for that matter).

Yes, all people should be treated the same, and we never take care of anybody’s bill, but giving Liam Gallagher a decent seat, which gives him a bit of privacy from the rest of the room? Hardly breaking the rules. The worlds fascination with celebrities is unwavering, and it’ll never change; we just need to be professional if Will Smith drops in on a Sunday afternoon for some crispy duck.

People who portray exasperation at celebrities, will often only do so if it’s not their ‘preferred’ person. Everyone has idols and people they’d love to meet. If Kim Kardashian walked in, I wouldn’t even notice, let alone care, but if Mark Noble (hardly A list, I know, but he’s a football idol for me) walked in, I’d struggle to maintain composure. Judge away, people. I may be in the minority, but I think its kind of boring to constantly slate them. I heard someone say its not fair on other guests when there is an A-lister in, which is a ridiculous claim, our guests all seem pretty happy about it to me, especially when they can go to work on Monday morning and say they were in the restaurant with so and so.

On that note, it’s also worth adding that the few we’ve had through our doors have all been lovely, polite, and welcoming to what we do, and I can honestly not say a bad word about them. I love a juicy bit of gossip as much as the next person, but there is really not much to say. That’s not saying someone won’t swagger in dripping with arrogance and self-importance, expecting the room to part as they glide through the restaurant, it just hasn’t happened yet. Plus Bono has never been in…

Celebrities are a part of life; they are human, and need feeding and watering as much as the next person, we just need to maintain integrity when doing so, or there is no way back.

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