Ghetts – A rebel against the mainstream, leading the culture.

Charlie-Louise Akintilo

Ghetts Rebel With A Cause 300x300 Ghetts – A rebel against the mainstream, leading the culture.In a world full of products it is hard to identify yourself. Ghetts has created a non-traditional product in a traditional format that explores a right of passage in a modern day cultural identity crisis.

Yes, it’s an album, 15 songs but it is more than that, it’s a story that defines a generation, it has social edge and sums up a culture in a time where everyone is quick to ignore.

We haven’t heard the words “east London” being blasted from cars and houses since Dizzee Rascal came with “Boy In the corner”, but Ghetts articulates the trials and tribulations of a demographic that is perceived as violent and confrontational, while challenging the statement at every opportunity. The album offers perspective, at no point compromises his integrity and sound which so many have done to get any real chart or industry recognition.

On its first day of release, Ghetts was #3 in the iTunes album charts, only to Pharell, backed by a worldwide promotional tour and One Directions Millions of screaming young girl fans. This feat in itself is a testament to the grime culture, and an inspiration to others from a scene which may have lost its identity.

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