The Peculiar Antique Politics of Bob Crow

John Rentoul

crow1 300x200 The Peculiar Antique Politics of Bob CrowSuzanne Moore in The Guardian detected a trace of hypocrisy in some of the coverage of the death of Bob Crow at the age of 52:

The shock of Bob Crow’s death was closely followed by another peculiar aftershock: those who had hated him while he was alive queued up to praise him.

One of those who thought his “antique” politics counterproductive wrote, predictably enough, for the Daily Mail:

Sometimes I wonder if Bob Crow is a Tory stooge got up as a union leader by Central Casting. Even Lefties such as Ken Livingstone find his mindset ‘strange’. The threatened RMT strike action has had the singular effect of uniting the public against the rail workers. As most of us mourn a nationalised railway, this is bad news.

Crow pits safety against modernisation and cares not about the disruption to the public. He may well have a point, but he cares even less if he harms a Labour government. But remember, this is a man who tried to enter the House of Commons with a sword in his bag. It was an ornamental one, a gift from the South Korean rail union.

His politics now seem to resemble an ornamental sword. They may be admired as antique, but have no actual use.

As she says, it is most peculiar.

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  • Ciaran Goggins

    Why do you think that poor folks being Socialist is “antique”? Blair/Parsons sold us out didn’t he?

  • Pacificweather

    “As most of us mourn a nationalised railway, this is bad news.”

    Hypocrisy, from The Daily Mail? I’m deeply shocked.

    Is it ‘antique’ not to speak ill of the dead in the week they died? Does Suzanne Moore not know that someone can be respected without being liked or that you can like someone you disagree with? Of, course she does but she is so unimaginative that she writes a ‘dog bites man’ story anyway. JR, short of copy, exposes them for our ridicule. Job done.

  • reformist lickspittle

    The DM piece that Rentoul quotes was written back in 2010.

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