A Civil Liberties Posture Too Far

John Rentoul

TheresaMay 300x187 A Civil Liberties Posture Too FarDavid Anderson, the independent reviewer of terrorism laws, agrees with Labour that the Government has weakened control orders too far. His latest report, published this morning, says Theresa May, the Home Secretary, should tighten up the rules for Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures (TPIMs), notably by restoring the power to relocate suspects (page 4):

Two significant changes are needed if TPIMs are to remain fully credible, and if they are to perform more than just a containing function.

• First, locational constraints on some TPIM subjects should be stronger than
has been the case, in order more effectively to disrupt networks and deter or
prevent absconds. Options include:

clarifying or extending the possibilities for imposing exclusion zones
on TPIM subjects; and/or

restoring the power to relocate subjects to an area some two or three
hours’ travel from their homes, though with a significantly wider area
for unrestricted travel than was the case under control orders.

• Secondly, there should be a power to require subjects to attend meetings,
under the auspices of the National Probation Service. The contact
opportunities provided by a TPIM notice should not be wasted, and need to
be part of a positive strategy of engagement from the outset.

This is one of the most shocking examples of where both coalition parties, Conservatives and Liberal Democrats, postured in haste about civil liberties in opposition only to repent at leisure in government. Stupid rhetoric attacking New Labour for being “authoritarian” has put us at risk, and now the civil libertarian “independent” reviewer agrees.

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  • Ciaran Goggins

    Fewer than the UVF. You seem to have annoyed Mr Scott, myself and supporters of Nicky Jacobs. Perhaps Mr Rentoul will write an eloquent piece on the fitting up of Silcott?

  • john p reid

    He resigned after Cameron asked him too, you know he’s a court at the moment where PC Rowland’s,is suing him for slangy after a Mitchell has said that Rowland’s lied about what Rowland’s recalled what Mitchell said, despite never actuall saying he didn’t swear or say Pleb, ,but saying I didn’t say the words, accounted to me, getting bit fed up of the PAC thing, how about ,labour councillor Reid,it sounds better

  • john p reid

    I seem to recall a jury found Melvin and Dingwell were cleared of framing Silcott, you know that first trial, where Silcott was named 10 times alongside Nicky jacobs, as for the UVF, I’ve never supported them I didn’t start quoting Nimoller, coming for the innocent ,when at the same time have posted support for killers coming for the innocent, was Silcott fitted up for killing. ANtomy smith and Lenny mackintosh, I’m sure Mr scott,can take the criticism,

  • Ciaran Goggins

    Cllr Reid either your Meds are wearing off or its is night shift, either way I am off to bed to dream of Vicky Binns and Tina Fey.

  • john p reid

    I’ Il be off to bed in a moment ,when this week ends, not on a night shift,not on meds, but have had a lot of horlicks, so am buzzing

  • Pacificweather

    Theresa May has already relocated two British citizens to places where the United States then murdered them. I don’t think she should be given any more encouragement.

  • Ciaran Goggins

    P.C Reid do you really think I will give up on getting my pound of flesh from plod? You read the old secret police file, you know.

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