“Nothing wrong with being a bit weird”

John Rentoul

lance 300x249 Nothing wrong with being a bit weirdLance Price, former press officer for Tony Blair, advises Ed Miliband in The Guardian:

Like most politicians, Miliband is at his best when he is himself. The problem lies not in his presentation but in the sense that too often comes through that, either he hasn’t made up his mind on an issue, or if he has he doesn’t want to reveal it.

If he has answers to some of the big policy questions he has been avoiding, if he has a story to tell about a Labour government that would change people’s lives for the better, if he has confidence in his convictions and is now ready to reveal all of those things, the problem will be more than halfway solved.

There’s nothing so wrong with being a bit weird. Politicians are weird. They’d have to be to do the job. Being awkward is something else. And that comes from giving the impression that you can’t, or won’t, say what you think.

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  • mightymark

    Oh no doubt about it – Labour. That is why i wish it was a bit more ruthless. Your “he is here until” etc etc is characteristic of the party’s woeful lack of the killer instinct.

  • Ciaran Goggins

    Disappointed in your lack of knowledge of the New Testament.

  • reformist lickspittle

    “Killer instinct” is overrated – there are lots of Tories who were around in 1990 who wish they hadn’t knifed Thatcher now.

    Had she been allowed to lose the subsequent GE, the Tories would IMO have been better off for it in the longer term – they would have spent more time between then and now in power and would be in a much healthier state in both material and spiritual terms. Not just that, but UKIP might not even exist (at any rate, in anything like its present form)

    As for Labour, there is nobody around who would magically transform the party’s fortunes compared to how Ed is currently doing. In early 2012, when his leadership was perhaps at its lowest ebb, there was a poll (by ComRes for this paper, no less) that explored how Labour might do with alternative leaders. David Miliband did a couple of points better (but no more than that) every other alternative – including a certain A C L Blair! – did worse.

    EM has, at the very least, done a good job of keeping the party united – probably at some cost to himself on occasion. And divided parties *don’t* win elections…….

  • Pacificweather

    Price is right to say he needs a story – a vision for Britain (or England, Wales and Northern Ireland after September). Maybe that is why he is waiting before gives it to us. I can’t think of a big policy questions he has not commented on but Price, like most of the the press, is not satisfied because there is nothing to hang him on. Three months before the election he will give us the story. If it is a good centre left story he will win. If it is a Tory Lite story he will lose. Three months before the election the party won’t be able to bicker about it – unless they prefer opposition when the economy is improving. If it still is.

  • greggf

    Ian Paisley senior Ciaran?
    Now there’s a man who changed the mould of politics, in Northern Ireland!

  • Ciaran Goggins

    Ian is OK in a one on one setting and I was discussing theology (though politics is never far away with him). With Gerry mostly politics and little if no theology.

  • HD2

    But… Ed Milliband is a *LOT* weird. Odd, indeed.

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