“I voted for a mass murderer”

John Rentoul

ballot paper 008 300x180 I voted for a mass murdererArieh Kovler asked the question:

I wonder how many people who claim that Blair was a war criminal still voted for him in 2005.

And Joe Twyman of YouGov has generously supplied the answer: Among those who voted Labour in 2005, YouGov found 9 per cent who said in January 2010 that Tony Blair “should be tried as a war criminal”.*

These are the 9 per cent who make the case I made yesterday that, when a lot of people insult Blair in that way, they are not serious. They opposed the war, certainly afterwards, and feel strongly about it. But they debase the language and trivialise real crimes against humanity, such as those committed by those against whom Blair fought: Slobodan Milosevic, Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein.

*The full question broke down thus, among those who say they voted Labour in 2005 (and among the whole sample in brackets):

More broadly, which of the following best sums up your view of Tony Blair in respect of the Iraq war?

• Even if some of the details were wrong, Mr Blair was right to warn that Saddam Hussein’s regime was extremely dangerous: 49% (31%)
Mr Blair misled Parliament and the public about the scale of the threat from Iraq but did not intend to do so: 17% (17%)
Mr Blair knowingly misled Parliament and the public, but we should now move on and take no action against him: 16% (18%)
Mr Blair knowingly misled Parliament and the public and should be tried as a war criminal: 9% (23%)
Don’t know: 9% (11%)

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