Video Premiere: Kamikaze’s Crestfallen

Emma Gritt

church Video Premiere: Kamikazes CrestfallenIt’s not uncommon for a rock band to lock themselves in a studio with a bottle of Jack Daniels and a mountain of cocaine so big even Tony Montana would wince when the time comes to get the creative juices flowing.

However, Alpine four-piece Kamikaze take more of a Swiss approach to making music.

“We go to a lost chalet for a whole week with a bunch of equipment, eat chocolate and cheese,” says drummer Alexandre Maurer.

The result of their latest dairy-riff binge is their Beta EP, a four-track offering as luxurious and rich as the menu of their seven day hideaway.

Kamikaze’s members, Alex, Fabio Pinto, Claire Huguenin and Jeremias Keller live at opposite corners of Switzerland, which is another reason they need a week tucked away from distractions, it’s the only chance they get to slot together the pieces they usually fire across to each other over email.

With influences ranging from Scandinavian to avant garde jazz, plus Moderat, Amon Tobin, Radiohead, Trentemöller, Jaga  Jazzist, Jon Hopkins, Phronesis and David Lynch’s favourite soundtracker  Angelo Badalamenti, Kamikaze’s music sits comfortably in that ‘interestingly listenable but kooky’ bracket between multiple genres.

Their new video for Crestfallen was directed by Tokyo Data Collective, and Alex believes it is “a remake between a Bollywood movie and Pulp Fiction.”

“We  wanted to have something strong for the artwork and to have different  strong characters,” he says.

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