Barking Blondes: Take your dog to work day

Joanne Good and Anna Webb

TVRadio 1024x858 Barking Blondes: Take your dog to work dayWould your working day be better if dogs were allowed in the work place? Would the presence of a four legged friend, always available to pat in stressful times or even to walk during lunch, win over the dog haters?

This week sees the Bring Your Dog To Work Day. Apparently it’s a national campaign aiming to raise funds for charity and we are eager that as many employers as possible take full advantage. Not only for dogs and their owners to spend an extra day together but to prove how a well-behaved, well groomed pooch can improve a working environment.

Appreciating the doggy effect, we championed the first “Take Your Dog To Work Day” that ran in September a few years ago. It pushed the corporate boundary of ‘no dogs allowed in the workplace’.

The take up was very small, perhaps because employers’ reluctance to allow dogs is due to the fear than no one would get anything done. Total chaos might rule, or the workforce might break out in hives and take weeks off sick. Maybe they’re worried on a wet day their office would smell like a kennel or worse. And what would happen if there was a peeing accident?

Our Bull Breeds Molly and Matilda love joining us on many a professional outing whether its in a radio studio, on a TV set or at an event – they’re an integral part of our team. We find it’s our ‘girls’ that get all the attention wherever we go – they get the laughs and the smiles. Apparently we’re not half as interesting.

And yes, we have been in the situation of mopping up an untimely pee from a radio studio carpet, we appreciate the embarrassment and the possible consequences of such an unfortunate moment. However, the accident wasn’t from our dog but a French bulldog belonging to a megastar who we won’t name, to save her blushes. The incident resulted in a ban for dogs.Well, that was added to the fact that one of the team was allergic and could hardly breathe by the end of the day.

But let’s consider the positives of a pooch by the water cooler.

Contrary to popular ‘corporate’ belief, Scientists have proved, over and again, that the presence of a dog in any environment is good for you.

Just looking at a mutt makes people smile and stroking a dog quickly reduces a person’s blood pressure. This makes you focus more as the brain becomes flooded with happy hormones like endorphin and dopamine.

This explains why, in the workplace, having a dog around can increase productivity as people are in a better mood and not stressed out. It’s a no brainer that when they are less stressed people start talking, sharing and generally working more productively. Surely then it’s logical to have a dog in the office to enhance productivity?

Apart form smiling more and living longer, dog owners are less likely to catch a common cold and in theory have less days off sick than non-dog owners.

And finally, imagine being called in to see the boss and finding an old chewed up pair of pants alongside a sleeping bassett hound under his/her desk: better than that old cliché of “just imagine them in the nude”?

We hope that Take Your Dog To Work Day is not just a flash in the pan. After all, if a huge firm called Google is dog friendly, maybe that’s the key to their success. Shouldn’t others follow suit?

Barking Blondes by Jo Good & Anna Webb, published by Hamlyn, £12.99

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  • Jo Amit

    A top dog blog as always!

  • Heathbar

    Molly, get down from the chair. No one wants dog hairs on their bottom.

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