Why Madame LA LA will change the way you look at fake tan

Emma Gritt

Madame LA LA Why Madame LA LA will change the way you look at fake tanWith the Bank Holiday Weekend heralding the start of summer, it is officially fake tan season. At least for me, anyway.

Being born (whisper it) ginger, I have had my fair share of tan mishaps – in fact I’ve had every shade of disaster from white to red to satsuma orange in my ongoing quest to ‘not look pale’.

So I was pleased to meet Nicole Dash Jones, a British-born beauty entrepreneur whose new Madame LA LA range promises something different to most other self-tan products on the market. It’s not that its inherent biscuit smell is near unnoticeable, or that it boasts a foolproof streak-free formula, but rather that it offers up a totally different shade to its competitors – it gives you an ‘LA glow’.

“Most of the other fake tans you can buy are based on a European tan. I thought it’d be cool to bring out a colour that you would get in Los Angeles,” she explains. Nicole lived in ‘La La Land’ until she was twelve, and now splits her time evenly between the US and London – meaning she is genuinely familiar with what colour trendy Californians like their tan to be.

Excitingly for people interested in the technology of lotions and potions, Madame LA LA is the the first DD self tan, which stands for ‘dynamic do-all’. It’s the latest abbreviation after BB (blemish balm) and CC (colour correcting), set to revolutionise our beauty routines.

At first, I was dubious when Nicole told me that Madame LA LA would not just make me look like I should be heading off to dog yoga or sipping a green juice on an anonymous street somewhere in Santa Monica, but would serve to moisturize my skin – and hide wrinkles.

“It’s hydrating and anti-ageing, it has colour correcting technology, so it adapts to your skin tone and blurs blemishes and wrinkles. The beauty benefits you can see on your skin, everything is even,” she says, pointing at my arm, now a uniform shade of golden, adding that the tan, after developing for three hours, will last for up to ten days with no ‘crumbling’.

“People say it’s streak free, which it is, but I think it was more about finding a solution – which we developed over a year and a half – that actually does disguise blemishes and provide filling for wrinkles,” adds Nicole, who previously worked for skincare pioneers Rodial.

The coconut water-based product has already picked up celeb fans including some of the girls from Made In Chelsea, Olivia Palmero, Blake Liveley and Vanessa Hudgens, the chances are the brand will only increase in popularity amongst the A-list as they crank up their output of LOOK AT ME beach selfies over the next few months..

“Rihanna is a self tan junkie, she loves it. Her make-up artist used it on her when she went to Barbados recently,” reveals Nicole.

Hmm, I might not be going to Barbados anytime soon, but at least for the next week or so I’ll look like I just got home from LA.

Visit Madame LA LA’s site for more information, local salons and where to buy.

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    This is just a pile sh1t. That is brown.

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    And the final results are in. Advertsing 1: Journalism 0

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