Will Artificial Intelligence put my job at risk?

John Rentoul

hal9000 Will Artificial Intelligence put my job at risk?It’s a QTWTAIN, a Question To Which The Answer Is No, asked by Jamie Bartlett at the Spectator. But I was struck by this sentence:

According to Google’s Ray Kurzweil, in 2045 we will reach what’s known as ‘Singularity’: the point at which artificial intelligence becomes so advanced that it begins to produce new and ever more advanced versions of itself, leaving us mortals behind.

Update: Omer Lev reminds us of this wonderful, related observation about when it will be possible to copy human consciousness.

Picture: HAL 9000, from 2001: A Space Odyssey

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  • Pacificweather

    In 2045, when Ray Kurweil was imprisoned for tax evasion, Google replaced him with R. Daneel Olivaw and the rest is history.

  • Ciaran Goggins

    No Mr Rentoul but Lebedev’s plot to take Blogs off the main site page may put your nice little earner at risk. “Independent Minds” revisit’d?

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