Mr.C on his early years, family and the future, Arts

Mr.C on his early years, family and the future

I have very distinct memories of being an 11-year-old, watching The Shamen’s video for Ebeneezer Goode and being completely hooked by the vocals of the group’s rapper, Mr.C. I was a big fan of The Shamen, but what I didn’t know was that Mr.C had already been around as a DJ and MC for a good few years before the group hit the charts. Fast forward 21 years and he’s still involved in rave/underground culture – travelling the world as a DJ, hosting his Superfreq parties, running a label of the same name (which he recently relaunched) and maintaining a lifestyle based around meditation, creative visualisation and positive thinking. Here’s an excerpt from my interview with him.

By | Arts, Music | Wednesday, 8 May 2013 at 9:00 am

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